Emtee Reacts To His Possible Return To Ambitiouz Entertainment

SA Hip Hop star Emtee has reacted to reports of his possible return to Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Everyone knows there has been bad blood between Emtee and his former label Ambitiouz Entertainment. They parted ways on bad terms, and the rapper has taken every opportunity to slam them for how they treated him during his time there.

However, there have been recent reports by Zimoja that The Hustla has been working with the label behind-the-scenes. A source from the label said, “They are in talks about having him back at the label, but nothing has been concluded,” Fans of the rapper have wondered if that is true.

When a Twitter user asked Emtee if he was going back to the label, he simply replied: “To do what?” This proves that he has no intention of ever working with Ambitiouz Entertainment again. This makes us wonder what the news about his return was all about.

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