Emtee Reacts To Revealing Photo Of Ice Spice

Here is how Emtee reacted to a revealing photo of American rapper Ice Spice.

Emtee has always been known to speak his mind about whatever catches his eye. The star recently shared his thoughts on a photo of American rapper Ice Spice. Ice shared a picture of wearing a black bathing suit while posing in front of a mirror.

Reacting to it, Emtee wrote,

“First time seeing her naked. Just saying.”

Emtee also recently got shown love by iconic rapper Lil Wayne, who was seen wearing an Emtee merch while shouting him out. He reacted on X, reciprocating the love he was shown.

Emtee’s “DIY3” album is one of the year’s most anticipated releases. The rap star shared that it would be an international jam because of a recent distribution deal he signed. He announced that he now has a new manager. Fans cannot wait for the album to be released.

Emtee also recently shocked fans when he announced that he has been having trouble speaking in public. The rapper revealed that he has social anxiety, and fans adviced him to go and see a doctor about it. He has often opened up about his safety and fans have expressed concern over him.

Emtee Reacts To Revealing Photo Of Ice Spice 2

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