Emtee Reacts To Rumours That He Is Collaborating With A-Reece On His Upcoming Album

South African rapper, Emtee has finally reacted to the news making rounds that he is going to link up with A-Reece for a song on his coming album.

Emtee and A-Reece are no strangers in the industry. They have been consistent in delivering top songs loved and appreciated by fans over the years. However, the two are currently not in talking terms which is what made the rumors that they will be collaborating on a song even bizarre.

It wasn’t just rumours; there was an actual tweet with an entire album tracklist, and one of the songs on the list  shows that Emtee had teamed up with A-Reece.

The alleged collaboration happened on a song titled “Goes Electro”, a song  Emtee has come out to deny, claiming a collaboration did not happen.

Beyond denying the collaboration, he also said he would not mind collaborating with A-Reece with whom he shared a record label with in the past and that music should not be affected by personal beefs as it transcends them.

Whether or not they will collaborate especially in line with the response from Emtee remains to be seen. Fans will be hoping this is true and that they both get together on a song.

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