Emtee Reacts To Shebe’s Conduct Towards Skomota’s Manager Skhothane Sa Pitori

SA Hip Hop star Emtee has reacted to rapper Shebe’s violent conduct towards Skomota’s manager Skhothane Sa Pitori.

Shebeshxt is always in the news for all the wrong reasons. And it is usually about his violent behavior and assault. The star was recently caught in a video shared by MDN News being violent toward Skomota’s manager.

In the video, Shebe is seen clapping Skhotane Sa Pitori. He is also heard using a lot of vulgar words and mentioning that he would kill Skhothane Sa Pitori. MDN News captioned the video,

“Shebeshxt clapping Skhothane sa Pitiro last night..”

Reacting to it, Emtee wrote,

“My n*gg* is his own security,”

The rapper had previously stated his admiration for Shebe and said they would make good friends. He also stated that the Limpopo rapper reminds him of his late friend Manando.

“I f*k with Shebe. I think we can make good friends. Reminds me of Manando. I was so happy to meet him. Nobody is playing with his name in my presence,” said Emtee.

The video of the rapper has also gotten reactions from fans, with some saying it isn’t okay. One Twitter user wrote,

“What i like about his behavior is that he only exercises it unto his own culture people and they let him.”


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