Emtee Relives Unsavoury Experience With Uber

Emtee is at war again, This time, though, it has nothing to do with Ambitiouz Entertainment, the record label to which he was previously signed. It all had to do with his experience using Uber.

In a recent tweet, the songster revealed he had an argument with an Uber driver who felt he was wasting his time. The driver’s attitude irritated the “Logan” chanter because he was actually withdrawing money to pay the driver at the time.

Annoyed by the driver’s attitude, he made it clear that he would never take Uber again in his life. To make sure his message got to the right quarters, he made it a point to tag the official handle of the ride-hailing brand. You can check out his tweet below.

Emtee Relives Unsavoury Experience With Uber 2

At the time of writing, his tweet had been liked over 400 times. In comments throbbed with tweeps advising the songster. Some even agreed that he was wasting the time of the driver. Some noted that he should have added a card to his profile so he wouldn’t have to pay cash.

Some tweeps even indicated that there was nothing novel in Emtee’s experience – “just another day in South Africa,” according to one Twitter user

Emtee Relives Unsavoury Experience With Uber 3Emtee Relives Unsavoury Experience With Uber 4


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