Emtee Replies Criticism On How He Speaks

Mzansi rapper Emtee has replied to the criticism on how he talks after going viral for speaking slowly.

It only takes a video of Emtee or a tweet from the rap star to get everyone talking about him. The rapper recently made the news after a video of him speaking to street vendors went viral on the X app. In the video, he was speaking more slowly than what people believed to be normal.

Social media users criticized him and blamed his slow speech on excessive drug use. Well, the rapper wasn’t having it. He took to the X app and blasted his critics, explaining the reason for the way he speaks. He wrote,

“I talk like this cos I choose to. I’m a travelling man, I love languages, slang and wordplay. I’m a musician, how u think some these hits came about!? I’m a real songwriter.”

“I talk slow but I ain’t broke tho. U don’t have half the money both my sons putting up, that’s on fonem. I’m the hustla FRFR. I’m one of the last artists sold platinum in HARD COPIES, not streams. Don’t play wimme BOY!”

Some of his fans spoke out in support of him, slamming his critics.

Emtee Replies Criticism On How He Speaks 2

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