Emtee Replies Tweep Who Feel He’s ugly

Emtee reacts to claims that he's ugly

Emtee replies claims of social media that he’s ugly.

Another day, another celebrity called out on social media for reasons that do not even matter. Each day, famous celebs get to face trolls who scrutinise everything about them and drag them for it on social media. Some times, they react, and other times, they just ignore it.

Emtee is the latest Mzansi celeb to get trolled on Twitter. Why? Because of the way he looks. The rapper recently appeared live on Instagram and most of his fans thought he looked ugly. Of course, they “called him out” for it.

The “Wave” rapper later on took to Twitter to apologise for it saying he doesn’t use filter or makeup.

Yes, you heard that right. He apologised for seemingly being ugly. The Hip Hop star is preparing to drop his upcoming single “Johustleburg” but no release date has been announced for it yet.

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