Emtee Reveals How House Help Stole From Him

Incidents of theft are reported daily around the world, but of course, when a celebrity is the one robbed, greater attention is paid to such incidents. This has just played out, with South African rapper Emtee at the centre of it.

Yeah, the songster was robbed in his home and spoke about the same in a post on social media. In the post, the “Prayer” chanter indicated that a female house-help stole a substantial sum from him.

He didn’t say exactly how much but merely indicated the sum was substantial. Interestingly, he was saving the same sum to help the said helper. If irony needed an example, this must be it. You can check out the post below.

Interestingly, his post comes not long after another musician, Prince Kaybee, posted about an associate stealing from him. The only difference is that while Prince Kaybee was able to recover his truck (worth over R1 million), Emtee has yet to recover his loss.

These are not the only examples, though. One can go on and on. But another significant incident of a celebrity losing assets to those they work with at some point is DJ Zinhle, whose salesgirl stole from her store.

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