Emtee Says He’s The Most Featured Artist In SA Music History

SA Hip Hop artist Emtee says he’s the most featured artist in SA music history.

We all love Emtee. There’s an energy the rapper brings to a song that isn’t like any other. He also knows how to deliver. Emtee recently trended on Twitter after being featured on a new jam, “Chelete” by Nthabi Sings, Ntate Stunna, and Lizwi.

Fans noted that he hadn’t even dropped a project but has been killing it as a featured artist. He also lent a hand to Jub Jub on “Soldier.” The joint has also earned positive reviews, but the cover art hasn’t. LoL.

Reacting to a tweet by The RSA Music Plvg calling him the “most featured artist in SA right now,” Emtee claimed he could be the most featured of all time. When a fan said the crown goes to Maglera Doe Boy, Emtee reminded him he’s been doing it since 2001. Shout out to the king.

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