Emtee says “I’m not famous, I’m not rich”

opens up to fans and says he is not rich and he isn’t famous.

SA star, is undeniably one of the most entertaining artists on the scene. We might as well dub him the king of social media because he’s always a whole mood.

For some time now, fans have been confused about his real personality. According to them, he is a gangster, a celebrity, and is also rich and famous. This sparked a conversation on over the weekend. However, the “iThemba” star has finally revealed his “true” personality to his fans.

He refuted claims of him being a gangster. He also stated that he isn’t a celebrity, and neither is a he rich nor famous. According to him, he is just a guy who can make great hooks. He went on to warn his fans about looking up to celebrities. In his opinion, “what is famous or rarely wise”.

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