Emtee Scoffs At Flash Ikumkani’s Imminent Album Release

For many musicians around the world, the year has begun in earnest. There is so much planned and so much to be unpacked as the year rolls. Well, South African rapper Emtee is one man who has a lot planned this year – not just for himself but also for his associates as well.

But he clearly doesn’t give a fuck about those with whom he has fallen out. And yes, he has no qualms about saying the same out loud for the benefit of all, including his now adversaries.

This much played out recently when he literally sneered at the news that Flah Ikumkani will be dropping a new album. The news of the imminent drop was shared by the RSA Music Plug on X.

Reacting to the post, Emtee was dismissive of the news, dropping the rhetorical question, “Who gives a fuck?” You can check out the post below.

Emtee Scoffs At Flash Ikumkani'S Imminent Album Release 2

What could have motivated Emtee’s reply? Well, it all boils down to a crisis that erupted between then a while back. Flash, who used to have a close collaborative relationship with Emtee, shared some “derogatory” comments about Lolli Native, which displeased Emtee. Their relationship went downhill from there, culminating in Emtee’s latest sneer.

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