Emtee Shares AKA’s Final Words To Him

SA Hip Hop rapper Emtee has opened up about AKA’s final words to him.

Emtee had a great relationship with AKA until the rapper passed away in February. He recently appeared on L-Tido’s podcast and spoke about the last time they were together. He revealed that the last time he saw him was after they recorded “Crown.”

Emtee said that AKA “was one of the people who loved me for me never judged me. What’s crazy is that the last time I saw him was when we were recording Crown,”

He continued, “His last words to me were, stay safe, stay alive, then he hugged me, and the hug was so long, I think it was like ten seconds, he hugged me. I’m big on energy, and I was unsettled after that because I know him as get up and go type of guy, but that day he was humble,”

Watch the full interview below.

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