Emtee Shares His Views On Lady Zamar Rape Allegations Filed Against Sjava

Emtee finally lets out his views concerning the rape drama between Sjava and Lady Zamar.

Recall the two parties, Sjava and Lady Zamar got in a legal battle after Lady Zamar accused Sjava of raping and abusing her while they were dating. The drama took a stranger turn when brands started cutting Sjava out of their deals.

The news got a lot of people talking on the matter, while some were questioning the authenticity of the claim, others were really pissed at the rapper. Emtee also weighing into the matter, that Lady Zamar only had the intention to destroy Sjava and he continued it didn’t work out as planned.

Emtee is known these days for hitting the nail directly on the head, going straight for Lady Zamar proves he belonged to the class who didn’t believe her claims.

See the post below;

What do you make of Emtee’s view on the Lady Zamar and Sjava drama?

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