Emtee Shares Story Of How Sjava & Ruff Changed His Life Some Years Ago

Emtee shares true story of how Sjava and Ruff changed his life.

Emtee is one of the biggest rappers in the country, and it is for good reason. The “Waves” rapper’s success is testament to the fact that hardwork and resilience helps to build some of the biggest artists in the world.

The rapper must have been in his feelings recently when he told some unknown stories about himself. According to him, he was once homeless in Johannesburg. He was hustling in the streets of Hillbrow when Sjava and Ruff came to his rescue. He revealed they took him in, and helped him to stop selling weed.

The “Brand New Day” rapper said that while other kids were dreaming of being doctors, he dreamed of being a musician with Ruff as his producer. Fortunately, his dreams have come true and he’s now one of the biggest artists in the country.

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