Emtee Shocks Views With Dancing Instagram Video

Emtee Shocks Views With Dancing Instagram Video

Mzansi believes Emtee always proves the allegations against him right after he appeared in a shocking Instagram dance video.

Emtee has been a main topic of conversation in Mzansi this year. The famous rapper has been embroiled in drama with his estranged wife Nicole Chinsamy. They are involved in a messy divorce.

The rapper reacted to an exposé she did about him and affirmed that he smokes lean. His fans believe he doesn’t even try to prove the allegations against him wrong. Emtee appeared in a recent Instagram Live session acting really weird. Fans believe he always acts funny when he’s high.

In the video, he sent a message to @Zaddy_Swag and said a few words to him, translated as, “When we meet, potatoes will fry themselves, chips will fry themselves.” The video has already gone viral, with most people criticizing him for his online behaviour. Check it out below.