Emtee Slam Claims That “Roll Up” Was Not Written By Him

Emtee refutes claims that Roll Up was written by someone else

Emtee rubbishes claims that the song “Roll Up” was written by someone else for him.

Emtee is king and whatever he says, we’ll take his word for it. The rapper has always been in the public eye and has heard so much about himself and his music that it’s getting hard to keep up.

As he is known to do, the rapper made out time to interact with his fans and supporters on social media. He replied to some of the questions they had about his music and also gave his opinion on certain issues.

For a while rumours have hit the net that the joint, “Roll Up” was not written by him but by someone else. He has now rubbished this claim by revealing that the song was a freestyle and therefore was not written by anyone else. We are still waiting on the rapper to drop the video to his newest joints.

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