Emtee Survives Yet Another Car Accident

SA star, Emtee The Hustla survives yet another car accident.

Mzansi rapper has been in the trends for some time. All through the week, we waited patiently for the release of his promised single “iThemba” which was scheduled to drop on Friday, January 29th.

Finally, it dropped and we’ve been so excited. The song is the first single off his highly anticipated album “Logan”. However, something else claimed the news. On Thursday, the “Brand New Day” rapper revealed on that he survived his 5th car accident. Crazy right?

In the tweet he stated that he isn’t dying anytime soon. Fans hailed him in the comments section. Truly, it’s a great time to be alive. Seeing Emtee cheat death and drop a hard hitting joint is just everything. The “Wave” star also seems to be in great condition. By the way, “iThemba” is already dominating streaming and digital platforms.

Had a car accident last night. 5th one simultaneously. I’m not dying anytime soon b*tch *ss n*gga. Man a shatta.” – Emtee

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