Emtee Wants People To Smoke Weed At His Funeral

Emtee says he wants weed to be smoked at his funeral service

Emtee says he wants people to smoke weed at his funeral.

One thing to remember about Mzansi rapper, Emtee is that he will always speak his mind no matter what everyone else is saying. That’s why his opinion will always be appreciated.

The Mzansi rapper recently shared his two cents on a trending video of people dancing to an Amapiano song at a funeral service. While everyone else condemned the things happening in the video, The Hustla seemed to be in support of it. He revealed that he would want people to smoke weed on sight during his funeral service.

That’s a really big one, but he doesn’t seem to care at all. The rapper was also previously in the news for his upcoming sneaker line which got lots of bad reviews. He has revealed that he’s back “to the drawing board” making changes to everything. We can’t wait to see it when he’s done.

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