Emtee Will Gush On Pearl Thusi Till His Dying Days

SA Hip Hop star Emtee says he will gush on his pal Pearl Thusi till his dying days.

You may have noticed that Mzansi actress Pearl Thusi has been a fixture on the trends list recently. Of course, it has so much to do with the star showing off her perfect breasts in her recent outfits.

No matter what you think about that, Pearl Thusi certainly does not care. She has made that clear by posting more revealing photos and even using them to promote her liquor brand Black Rose. Most of her fans have rallied behind her in support. Of course, that includes the “Pearl Thusi” hitmaker, Emtee.

The star took to Twitter to call on the actress to let him “hit that.” He wrote, “No cap in my raps. The hood would be so proud if I hit that (just saying).” He also reacted to a report about it by saying he’s “been “Gushing” since I was in school. I will “gush” till my dying days.”

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