Emtee’s Apparel Line With Amakipkip Coming Next Year

South African rapper Emtee is looking to diversify a bit from music and has partnered with the brand Amalipkip to launch an apparel line.

The collaborative release with Amakipkip is set to launch on the heels of Emtee’s recent revelation of his plans to leave South Africa. The songster had become exhausted with the endless attacks on his person and music and thought to leave South Africa.

At the same time, he never revealed what country he would be leaving from South Africa. obviously, things have not been formalised yet and the songster is still very much in the Rainbow Nation. So, of course, it is easier to go ahead with the collaboration with Amakipkip.

In a post on his official Instagram page, Emtee had shared a picture of him and what appears to be his partners from the Amakipkip fold. In the caption to his post, he pointed out that the collaboration with Amakipkip will be out in February.

He, however, gave no exact date when fans should expect it. You can check out his post below.

One thing that cannot be missed is that there is great interest in what will be released two months from now. Stay tuned.

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