Emtee’s R4.2 Million Home Goes Viral

SA Hip Hop star Emtee’s R4.2 million has gone viral on Twitter.

Emtee is the topic. The rapper may be active on social media, but he’s also counting millions on the side. The “Roll Up” star is in the news again but for something unexpected this time.

Emtee dominated the news after his pregnant wife accused him of physical abuse. According to her, he beat her up and left her with bruises. We hear the police are still investigating it. The rapper slammed the allegations. He announced to fans that he had moved out of his home and was already working on clearing his name.

He’s in the news again. Don’t worry; it’s for a good reason. A Twitter influencer shared a photo of the “Brand New Day” star standing in front of his home in a gated community. He reportedly paid R4.2 million cash for it four years ago. The photo has gone viral, and fans have praised him for it.

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