Emtee’s Shocking Revelation On The L-Tido Podcast – Watch

Mzansi musician Emtee eas the latest guest on L-Tido’s podcast. Typical of him, he dwelled on several aspects of his life and music and even dropped a bomb of sorts while speaking about his creations.

The songster confessed not to love any of the songs he has made, noting that he makes music for his fans and not for himself, and there is not one number of his that he could say he loves.

Also, while many people would see themselves as the best of this or that, the songster refused to pedestalize himself. He insists there is room for improvement, that he is trying in what he does and he is not the best of anything.

Emtee’s candour during the podcast had many South Africans praising him after watching it. Some even found it hilarious as the celebrated rapper seemingly downplayed his own powers while answering questions.

The songster might not see himself as the best of anything, but his fans – the same people he noted he makes music for and not for himself – would really tell you that he is one of the finest rappers in the country. Well, to each his verdict. You can check out the complete video interview below.

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