Enhle Mbali Call Fans To Order For Making Fun Of Black Coffee’s Hand

Enhle Mbali calls her followers to order for making fun of her ex, Black Coffee’s injured hand.

You know how people get misunderstood sometimes on social media, that happens a lot to celebrities. Talented actress, Enhle Mbali got the opposite of what she expected when she shared a photo of her supposed new “man’s” hand.

Enhle had shared a photo of her hand in a another hand telling followers that she was chilling with her new man. The hand turned out to be prosthetic, and made by makeup artists on the set of a new series she is currently filming titled “Blood Psalms”.

However, she got the opposite reaction of what she expected. Followers seized the opportunity to make fun of her ex, Black Coffee’s injured hand. Enhle was not impressed by this, and took to social media to give fans a piece of her mind. According to her, she was disgusted by their comments.

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