Enhle Mbali Celebrates Son Asantè’s 8th Birthday (Pictures & Video)

Enhle Mbali is a proud mom. She showed just how proud she was just recently when she celebrated her youngest child, Asante, who turned 8.

The actress celebrated her son’s birthday a day after he actually turned 8. But then, as she explained in the caption to her post on Instagram, it was still magical and she had a wonderful time with him. The kid had a “Rocket League cake” and appeared pleased with the celebration in his honour. You can check out the post below.

Asante is a product of Black Coffee’s relationship with the actress. The relationship between the two has since collapsed amid claims by Enhle Mbali that the celebrated international disc jockey sired kids with other women.

Funny enough, after ending her relationship with the “Drive” crooner, the actress ended up having an affair with another woman’s husband and was exposed online herself.

Anyway, it was Asanre’s birthday recently and the kid had a wonderful time celebrating it and appreciating the gifts from his mother. Sante sure has the world ahead of him, supported by rich, albeit estranged, parents. Congratulations are in order for the kid.

By the way, at the time of writing, Black Coffee had yet to post him.

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