Enhle Mbali Details Her Healing Journey After Split With Black Coffee (Video)

South African actress and designer has given clues about her healing journey following her split from her musician husband, Black Coffee.

During an interview appearance on ’s breakfast show with Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka, the businesswoman had opened up about her journey, giving little-known details about how she navigated that period of her life.

According to her, she was mourning all the work she had put into her relationship, all the fight she had put in, and all the work to make her relationship work. Well, nothing worked, and it was overwhelming for her.

She compared that failure to mourning death. Overwhelmed on many sides, she had checked into a mental institution, where she claimed that her psychologist told her that she was seven years late. But at least she made it out of the relationship. Then began her healing journey.

and DJ Black Coffee were among South ’s most loved couples when the going was good between them. But, along the line, fissures popped in their relationship following claims that Black Coffee cheated on her and had children with another woman while they were married.

The marriage couldn’t survive the crisis. A bitter divorce battle followed.

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