Enhle Mbali Reveals Her Relationship Status After Alleged Romp With Married Man

If you are one of those still wondering if South African actress and fashion designer Enhle Mbali has got a new boyfriend, you may have to ditch the question because she has just answered the question following a successful outing during the South African Fashion Week.

After the event, Enhle had taken to her Instagram Live, where she thanked all those who made the preparation and eventual outing a success, from her family to her kids, down to her PA. She also mentioned her boyfriend among those who contributed to the successful outing.

She didn’t name the boyfriend, but it certainly isn’t Black Coffee. The two had a wonderful relationship until this fell apart, with Enhle accusing her man of infidelity. The divorce was acrimonious and the two continue their war, sporadically, on social media.

Interestingly, along the line, Enhle Mbali had gotten involved with a married man, igniting contempt from a section of South Africa, which accused her of doing exactly what she had accused Black Coffee of and wanted a dissolution of her marriage on the grounds of.

Anyway, there is a semblance of peace now, as both had moved on with their lives, with Enhle tweeting the other day about forgiveness and moving on.

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