Enhle Mbali Still “Very Single” Amid Rumors She’s Back With Black Coffee

Not long ago rumors had hit town that Enhle may have reconciled with her estranged husband Black Coffee after it was noted that she called him “Dad” while thanking him for the car he bought for their son on his birthday.

Well, the celebrated actress has rubbished the whole claim, insisting she’s very much single.

In a post shared to her Instagram Story, she had insisted that she’s still “very single” and that some peeps were being paid to lie that she’s returned to her ex-husband. You can check out her post below.

Enhle had a bitter divorce battle with Black Coffee which spilled right into social media, with the actress claiming that the songstress was just trying to frustrate her.

Alon the line, it appeared like a semblance of amity was restored when Enhle was found rocking a song by Black Coffee. At another point, she had called him “Dad” while sharing on Instagram that he’d bought their young son a racer for his birthday.

While Enhle claims to be as single as they come, some of her fans have not stopped wishing that she would one day make peace with Black Coffee. Time will tell.

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