Enhle Mbali Vs Black Coffee: Judgement Reserved For Protection Order

Enhle Mbali has filed for a protection order against her ex-husband, the celebrated disc jockey and producer Black Coffee.

The actress had reportedly filed for a protection order after accusing Black Coffee of abusing her. Reports indicate that Black Coffee had not been happy with the birthday party that took place in their once shared home.

He had reportedly popped in there and hit her in the wrist, forcing her to file the protection order. The Randburg Magistrate’s Court heard her application for a protection order but has reserved its judgment.

Since Enhle Mbali claimed Black Coffee assaulted her, several interest groups had stood up in her defence, with some loudly calling for Black Coffee’s prosecution.

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee were previously the ideal couple and many look up to them. Their relationship had reportedly become tense when it emerged that Black Coffee had sired kids with other women. This forced her to seek for divorce after an amicable resolution failed.

The divorce battle has been pretty bloody, with neither party prepared to concede serious ground to the other. Black Coffee thinks her demands, post-marriage, unreasonable, and has urged his lawyers to challenge them in court.

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