Enoo Napa Announces A Remix Of Jalal Ramdani, Mr Silk And Lizwi’ Song “Imbongi”

Enoo Napa set to drop remix of "Imbongi" by Jalal Ramdani, Mr Silk and Lizwi

Enoo Napa reveals plans to drop new of “Imbongi” originally done by Jalal Ramdani, Mr Silk and Lizwi.

Everytime the name, Enoo Napa is mentioned on a song, we know we are in for a good time. The talented muso has been on duty a lot this year. And he just revealed, he is still on it. Who can blame him though, he is so good at it.

This year, we have gotten some very impressive remixes from the talented hit maker. He has commissioned remixes of Daniel Rateuke and Awen’s “Gold”, and Literatura’s “Dream”. Some of his previous offerings have also been impressive including “Inner Vision”, “They Are Coming”, and more.

He has now revealed that he is in the process of dropping a brand new one. It is a of “Imbongi” by Jalal Ramdani, Mr Silk and Lizwi. We have no doubt that this is going to be a good one. Also look out for his “Drones” dropping soon.

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