Era By DJ Zinhle Announces Their Collaboration With Dipalesa Flowas

Era By DJ Zinhle announces that it will collaborating with Dipalesa Flowas.

In celebration of love throughout the month of February (the Valentine month), Era By DJ Zinhle, DJ Zinhle’s watch and jewelry brand, has announced that it will be collaborating with Dipalesa Flowas.

On Friday 7, February 2020, the popular DJ’s brand, Era By DJ Zinhle, said in an post:

“This month we are celebrating love. In collaboration with Dipalesa Flowas. For Valentine’s Day, we created beautiful combos for your loved one.   To purchase our adore edition watch and flower combo visit the Diplaesa Flowas website.”

The combination will be made up of Era By DJ Zinhle’s recently launch Adore watch collection and a dozen red roses.

Check out the post below:

DJ Zinhle has proven that she has the art of business with her successful brand, ‘Era By DJ Zinhle.’ She has recently announced that her business operations will continue at the stop up store, which is located at the Rosebank until next month.

Era By DJ Zinhle focuses majorly on inspired accessories, bracelets and watches.

Since the beginning of the year, DJ Zinhle and the father of her child, AKA, have headlined the news over their supposed breakup. AKA had  confirmed the rumour in an interview session with Metro FM. He also made a controversial post on his social media page, where he posted the picture of an ‘unnamed’ lady who has graced his birthday party.

When DJ Zinhle started to trend on Twitter, the businesswoman used the opportunity to advertise her brand, ‘Era By DJ Zinhle.’ If you want to learn about business and success, you should learn from the popular musician, DJ Zinhle.

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