Eskom Announces 7% Wage Increase For Striking Workers

Energy giant Eskom is trying to pacify angry workers and has just announced a 7 per cent wage increase for striking workers.

The proposal for a wage increase was tabled on Tuesday, June 28, in a meeting between labour and the utility company. The company previously talked with labour weeks back and offered a wage increase of 5.3%.

The offer was promptly rejected, and the workers continued their strike, worsening ’s energy crisis. The situation was further exacerbated when Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan stated that an agreement had been reached in the wage talks.

The claim enraged workers, who felt the minister was speaking out of turn and sharing what does not exist in any case.

Anyway, the offer from Eskom has since been increased to 7%. While workers aren’t exactly in agreement with the new proposal, labour leaders are trying to talk them into taking it, as they think 7% is worth considering.

Before the current crisis, last year, Eskom had unilaterally adjusted workers’ wages by 1.5%, which provoked outrage and ultimately a standoff.

While a 7% wage increase is on the table, it has not been accepted yet as labour leaders are still in conversation with members to accept the offer. Stay tuned.

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