Eskom Moves From Stage 2 To Stage 4 Load Shedding

has revealed that stage 2 load shedding declared on Sunday the 17th of April has immediately been moved to Stage 4 in the early morning of Tuesday the failure of more generation units.

The energy utility revealed that extending to stage 4 from the previously announced Stage 2 occurred at 7:20 following the failure at Majuba Unit 5 and Tutuka Unit 4.

This time around, did not announce how long the load shedding would go on. More details will come when an official statement is released. CEO Andre de Ruyter is also scheduled to brief the media at 10:00 on the state of the grid.

The stage 4 load shedding would mean that there will be a power shutdown every 5 hours 30 minutes which could last for 2 hours 30 minutes.

The load shedding started just before the Easter holiday, but the energy utility promised that citizens would enjoy stable electricity throughout the long Easter weekend, a promise they could not keep by announcing a stage 2 load shedding on Sunday the 17th.

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