Eskom, Transnet: Dissecting the Key Focus of Ramaphosa’s Address

What is the state of South Africa right now? What’s been the policy direction of the present government and what’s the way forward? These questions and more formed the pedestal of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to South Africans yesterday, Thursday, February 10.

While the address has largely been condemned by some political leaders, including Julius Malema President Ramaphosa believes he’s on course to taking South Africans to a place in the sun.

In his speech, he outlined measures to speed up economic and structural reforms in the country. Specifically, he promised that the government will be tracking unreliable electricity supply by Eskom, the body with South Africa’s electricity generation mandate.

A key to this change is his approval of the proposed changes to the Electricity Regulation Act. With the amendment, according to the president, there will be stronger competition in the sector, which should translate to better power supply.

Another key focus of the president’s speech was Transnet, a state-owned logistics company charged with moving imported and exported goods from coastal areas inland

The president noted that Transnet will collaborate with the private sector in order to strengthen its capacity. These reforms should translate to not only efficiency but more revenue for the government and better life for the people.

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