Euphonik Announces New Single “Silento” With A Teaser

Mzansi DJ, announces a brand new song tagged “Silento” scheduled to drop soon.

We are almost in November, and if you have paid much attention, you would notice that several artists and DJs have promised to drop new music then. It really excites us that Mzansi DJ and producer, has joined the charge and promised to deliver new music soon.

The thing is, we don’t know when that would be happening. The popular hit maker took to to announce that he would be releasing a new song tagged “Silento” soon. However, he did not reveal an actual release date for the song. That’s something to look forward to.

But we have a hunch that it could be dropping this weekend, or in the first week of November. One can only dream. has been around for many years now and has earned a reputation as a hit maker. There isn’t a doubt that this upcoming song would be impressive.

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