Euphonik completes Course At The University of Cape Town

In a post an hour ago today 30 March, South African disc jockey and producer Euphonik announced to the world that he has just completed a course at the University of Cape Town.

In the heat of the pandemic in June 2020, on Instagram, DJ Euphonik had announced that he was returning to school. Going back to school was his “silver lining” in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. He also spoke of the vitality of feeding the mind.

Well, he’s through with his programme now and cannot be happier. His latest Instagram post indicated he’s just completed a short course in construction management in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment.

Well, his taking this course isn’t surprising to those who have been following his business moves. Besides music, Euphonik is also active in South Africa’s real estate sector. He has properties across the Rainbow Nation. It is for his music that many know him, though.

His construction management certificate comes as a breather amid recent controversies. The songster had been accused, alongside pal DJ Fresh, of sexually assaulting a lady and her friends in 2011. He denies the allegations, though, stating he cannot rape someone he hasn’t met.

Well, what do you think?

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