Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Smashes Previous Viewing Records

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 has come and gone but the memories are still pretty fresh – and for good reason. The season’s finale ended up becoming the most-watched grand final in history, according to data from the BBC.
An average of 9.9 million viewers tuned in each time, but that number peaked at 11 million as the Swedish singer

Loreen charmed the world with her “Tattoo” track, eventually emerging winner for the second time – a record for a female contestant on the show.

The previous ratings had averaged 9.5 million viewers. Specifically, last year’s saw about 8.9 people tuning in for the show. Britain’s Sam Ryder was the man of the show then. His track “Space Man” charmed the audience and eventually emerged second in the competition which was held in Turin, Italy.

With the current numbers, the past ones stand broken, and Loreen is the woman on the spot. Her emerging winner remains in her words a “surreal” experience. She should know, perhaps. After all, she is the first woman in the competition’s history to emerge winner twice.

It would be interesting to see what next year’s numbers would be and who would emerge winner of the competition that some tweeps have described as “eccentric.”

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