Everything You Should Know About The Gcaba Brothers

Here is everything you should know about The Gcaba Brothers who are trending on social media.

Just like everyone else, we are sure you have question about some heavily guarded people who seemed to have dominated the internet. Well, the truth is that you are not alone. They’re called the Gcaba Brothers or Abafana BakaGcaba. They sparked attention all over social media when a video footage showing them in a convoy with armed security and flashy whips dominated the net. Did we mention, their lifestyle was a sight to behold?

According to reports, the Gcaba Brothers or Abafana BakaGcaba are alleged to be a crime organization based in Umlazi, eThekwini, KZN. This is majorly because they have been linked to so many criminal activities. One time, one of the brothers was captured by the police when he used many SASSA cards to withdraw money. The shocking thing is that the case led nowhere. No one knows how it ended.

According to iReportSouthAfrica, “The organisation was founded in the 1970s by Simon Gcaba and GE did it by starting businesses such as Sonke and Mama’s Bakery in Umlazi township, in the 1996 Simon Gcaba at the time who was the leader of the family was assassinated in a brazen hit however the family only grew stronger after that”. The Gcaba Brothers are said to be owners of many businesses across South Africa.

They are also believed to own a taxi business (amounting to over 100 taxis). There are rumours that some of the murders that have involved their taxi businesses were signed off by them. Again, they have never been convicted for these alleged crimes. Many believe that they are highly connected and have friends in high places, which is why they’re never convicted of any crimes even though they’re directed linked to them.

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