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“Evil” – Anele Mdoda Condemns Salary Offered For A Stay-In Helper

South African media personality Anele Mdoda has slammed the salary for an ad for live-in help, implying it was too low for the job.

A social media user had placed an ad online notifying the public of his need for a stay-in helper. The said person put the helper’s salary at exactly R2,500 while also asking for recommendations.

Anele Mdoda was unimpressed by the offer, thinking it was too small for a full-time nanny. As far as she was concerned, the offer was lousy enough to be considered evil. You can check out her post below.

Her thoughts on the post divided South Africans into two lines 0 those supporting her and those who feel that the person who placed the ad was within his right to do so as it is obvious that was what he could afford.

According to some tweep, Anele was right in her assertion and the person looking for a nanny should go ahead and look for one but not for a full-time role, as the salary on offer was too small for a full-time help.

Some criticised Anele, letting her know that she is on the higher rung in society and probably earns enough to pay a live-in helper higher