Ex Global And Flame Fight Over Girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle

South African rappers, Flame and Ex Global are at loggerheads over a girl called Ashleigh Ogle as they have both taken to social media to spread their dirty linens.

The two artistes used to belong to the same music family called The Wrecking Crew but things happened and they went separate ways.

It turned out though that while Ex Global had allegedly moved on, Flame kept on talking about why they split up and saying that it was because Ex Global slept with his girlfriend.

Ex Global took to to attempt to dispel the rumors, saying he dated the girl first and that it wasn’t the why they split up from the label.

In his words:

I’ve been reading nothing but assumptions and lies for a WHILE now . Flame Is dating someone I used to date years back and he knew . So the whole story of me f#cking his girl and that’s how the crew split is a lie , stop it . The truth is no one’s friend , Enjoy the music.

The girl, Ashleigh Ogle was right there to ask Ex Global to move on, saying she never dated him but trust him, he provided receipts and well, the conversation is far from being over.

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