Ex Global Calls A-Reece’s Out

Ex Global calls his former Wrecking Crew colleague A-Reece out.

Fans of A-Reece are not taking it easy with Ex Global after he claimed on Zingah’s podcast that he used to make him look good before he got famous. They recently called him out and told him to apologize to the rap star for his ‘disrespectful’ comments.

He replied the slimes, writing,

“Apologise to someone I saved from starvation ? And gave a shelter ? A flow ? An imagine ? From dating ugly goons to better girls ? Takalani just debut at 189 on the charts on Friday with two of your goats features today is he is off the charts focus on that,” Ex Global said.

The Wrecking Crew star called Reece out and asked him to give an interview and tell the truth. According to him, this is to prevent sensitive details of his personal life from being exposed. He wrote,

“Hlogi , you need to free your fans and tell them the truth @reece_youngking , this has been going on for to long . Just do an interview and tell them truth , they don’t want to believe how I met you , I don’t want to mess up your brand and take the chats to another level.”

Ex Global Calls A-Reece'S Out 2Ex Global Calls A-Reece'S Out 3

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