Excitement As Justine Drake Joins Zola Nene For MasterChef SA Season 5

It’s another season of MasterChef South Africa and there is palpable excitement across the Rainbow Nation, especially with Justine Drake joining the judging panel.

Justine Drake is seen by many as a foodie and they mean that positively. She will join Zola Nene, who was announced as a judge earlier. Nene had shared that she was excited to be a judge on the show, which has found a new home on SABC-3

So excited were fans about having Drake that many joked that MasterChef SA had better reserve a table for her. While that is unlikely to happen, the excitement shows that she’s loved and held in high esteem by most.

Justine Drake is not a newbie on the show, though, as she had popped in previous seasons. Her selection itself is not surprising, as she had worked as an editor on several print and electronic media.

That aside, she’s had decades of experience in the food and media industry. So stepping in as a judge in the 5th season of the amateur cooking competition is like stepping into a world she not only knows but loves as well.

The coming days will determine how she performs this time around.

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