Excitement As Mawhoo Is Unveiled For Kabza De Small’s Mozambique One-Man Show

Kabza De Small has just unveiled his compatriot Mawhoo as his first guest for his Mozambique one-man show.

One-man shows appear to be the in-thing these days as musicians entertain their fans through them. The only thing is that the shows are rarely ever one-man affairs.

For context, while the shows are announced as one-man, in reality, multiple musicians get to perform during the show, with the show organiser taking the stage last and thrilling concertgoers with the music.

That was – really is – the reality with Kabza De Small’s show and the ones by other musicians before him with the one-man show tag.

In a pot on his official Instagram page, the amapiano producer had shared the flier of the vent, with Mawhoo as the first guest – or first name on the lineup for his performance.

The announcement caused quite a frenzy on social media, with his fans celebrating the inclusion of the songstress as part of the event. You can check out the post below.

Mawhoo is no stranger to Kabza, the two of them having worked together previously. Now that her name has been announced, all eyes are peeled for other names that might roll out. Stay tuned then.

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