Experts Say No Need to Panic Even As Covid-19 Numbers Spike

In South Africa, Covid-19 numbers have popped up. But is that reason to panic and be fearful? The experts have a resounding “no” for an answer.

The coronavirus shocked the world years ago and became a pandemic in no time, leading to a national shutdown and other measures to contain the virus. Many industries were deeply affected, including the entertainment industry.

Out of jobs and unable to get gigs as a result of the shutdown, many had poured into the streets in protest. Those days are over now as things have stabilized a little and South Africa is no longer under lockdown. In fact, it is not compulsory to wear masks anymore.

With a semblance of stability and relaxing of rules regarding distancing, many are now going about their businesses without much worry.

Well, the number of people with the virus is going up, leading to worries that another crisis just might erupt all over again. While scientists warn that South Africa might experience a new dangerous strain of the virus, they have also allayed the fears of the public, noting there is no need to panic.

The point is, whatever you do, just be safe out there. Coronavirus hasn’t gone away yet.

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