Fahima & Neo Get Evicted from ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ S4

Housemates and disruptors Fahima and Neo have been evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi S4 house.

So far, viewers have been impressed by the Big Brother Mzansi S4 show. The housemates have finally settled in, and most have amassed fan bases that grow stronger by the day. They have also formed friendships and allegiances with one another.

However, a recent turn of events on the show on Sunday evening shocked both the viewers and the housemates. Disruptors Fahima and Neo were evicted from the show. It left the housemates wondering about the allegiances they had already formed. Also, viewers were not impressed by this turn of events.

Fans were outraged by the show’s production’s decision to intervene in the games. It made them question the authenticity of it all. They also noted that the two evicted housemates did the jobs they were sent to the house to do well.

This caused confusion and chaos between their fellow housemates. Viewers did not expect their time on the show to have ended that easily. The audience noted how lonely Taki felt when his friend Fahima left the house, although he was officially made a housemate. The two shared a close bond when they were in the house. Neo and Fahima were equally disappointed to have left so early.

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