Faith Evans and Stevie J in Naked Spat?

Are singer Faith Evans and Stevie J no longer having it rosy as a couple? This is the question on the lips fans of the couple right now, following reports of Faith Evan’s arrest.

Faith Evans alleged attacked Stevie J in their home in Los Angeles, California, after a disagreement. She was alleged picked up by cops thereafter. TMZ reported that cops noticed visible marks on Stevie J’s face when they, the cops, showed up.

It is unknown what caused the altercation between them, as neither the singer nor her husband has spoken about it.

Stevie took to his Twitter account after the incident and thanked God for another day. It was time to pray and meditate and renew his mind, according to him.

Although laconic, those words might yet give a clue on the state of his relationship with his wife.

By the way, Faith Evans and Stevie J are not the first celebrity couple with a tiff history. One readily remembers Ike and Tina Turner and Mike Tyson and Robin Givens. The list is by no means comprehensive.

What’s your take on the alleged spat between Faith Evans and Stevie J? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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