Faith Nketsi Defends Picture With Da L.E.S

Reality star and model Faith Nketsi has hit back at critics of a viral photo featuring herself and rapper Da L.E.S. The photo, which was taken at L.E.S’s All White Pool Party over the weekend, showed Faith looking cozy with Da L.E.S, K.O and L. Tido, leading to speculation that she may have moved on from her marriage drama with her estranged husband, Nzuzo Njilo.

The photo went viral on social media platforms, with some fans questioning her loyalty to her husband and the morality of the picture. Others were speculating about a possible romantic involvement between Faith and Da L.E.S. However, Faith has defended herself, saying that she has known the guys in the photo for more than a decade and that they are just peers.

Faith’s viral photo with Da L.E.S comes amid her highly publicized divorce with Nzuzo Njilo. The couple’s split was followed by allegations of fraud, and their relationship drama has been a major talking point on social media. Faith has been sharing cryptic messages on her page, hinting at the emotional turmoil she has been going through.

In response to the backlash, Faith took to to defend herself, writing, “I’ve known everyone in this pic for more than a decade… so I can’t hang out with my peers now?… leave me alone, please.” Her post received mixed reactions, with some fans showing their support and others criticizing her for her alleged behavior.

Faith Nketsi is a popular South African reality star, rapper, and model, best known for her appearance on the reality show, “Being Bonang.”

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