Faith Nketsi & Husband Nzuzo Njilo Rock Matching Outfits At Friend’s Wedding

In a move that would easily put aside rumours of a breakup, South African socialite and reality show star Faith Nketsi and her husband Nzuzo Nilo turned up at a friend’s Cape Town wedding in a similar outfit.

While the reality show star wore a gown that did justice to her figure, he husband wore a suit of a similar appearance. They looked gorgeous together. It is unclear exactly at whose wedding both showed up, as Faith did not reveal that information on Instagram, where she shared pictures of herself and her husband.

In the caption to her post, she noted it was the most beautiful wedding she had ever had the honour of attending. So, more likely than not, the wedding must have been that of someone pretty influential or close to her one way or the other.

The core focus for most South Africans, though, was how she turned out and how glamorous she looked standing alone, with her friends, and even with her husband. You can check out her post below.

The pictures put paid to rumours that Faith had left Nzuzo after he fell into hard times. The bloke was recently declared wanted for fraud by the police. He turned himself in and was eventually granted bail.

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