Faith Nketsi Reacts To Claims About Her Divorce

Famous socialite Faith Nketsi has reacted to claims made about her divorce from her husband, Nzuzo Njilo.

Reality star Faith Nketsi has kept details about her life private, but that hasn’t stopped stories about her from unfolding. The TV star’s failed marriage to Nzuzo Njilo has been big news in the country, and people have been yearning to hear her side of it all. But all we seem to hear are sources.

The star recently slammed claims made about her marriage in a recent post shared on her X app page. She wrote,

“I WOULD NEVER DO AN INTERVIEW ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE, and I would never go to newspapers to justify myself or ‘tell my side of the story’. I’m also not with the catty fights on social media. There’s really more to life & I respect people. Have a blessed Sunday. catch #HAVEFAITH Mon 21:30.”

It was a reaction to a recent update by Sunday World, quoting a source that said,

“She said Njilo defrauded her of the proceeds of the sale of her vehicle. Last month, she directed her legal counsel to initiate divorce proceedings. She conveyed that their incompatibility and her waning affection for him have led her to lose interest in sustaining their marriage.”

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