Faith Nketsi Shares Video With Her Adorable Daughter Sky

Mzansi praises reality star Faith Nketsi after she appeared on a video with her adorable daughter Sky.

Faith Nketsi has been through so much but she has pulled through all of that and successfully rebranded herself to be the much loved celeb and mother that she is today. Truly, Mzansi is impressed.

The star was previously in the news for her very public separation from her husband Njilo Nzuzo who got into it with the law after being accused of defrauding people. Nketsi took charge of her life and made a way for herself and her daughter. Her reality show was also a hit among fans.

A recent video of Faith Nketsi and her beautiful daughter Sky has been warming hearts all over social media. The video was shared by MDN News with the caption,

“Faith Nketsi and her adorable baby…”

Fans could not stop gushing over it. Fhwy praised the former twerker for being such a good mom. A user wrote,

“Skai is her dad’s twin. Such a cutie😍. She did say “wife and mother first, baddie immediately after”. Since the wife title is now gone, the baddie title ranks higher than it did πŸ™ŒπŸΎ”

Another fan reacted, “Her rebrand is amazing ! Motherhood is amazing ! Love this.”


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