Faith Nketsi Talks The State Of Her Relationship With Nzuzo Njilo

Reality show star Faith Nketsi is navigating a new phace in her life and relationship. She left fans shocked a while back when she moved out of her husband Nzuzo Njilo’s house. She has been living alone with her daughter Sky ever since.

At the time the news broke out, some netizens claimed that she left because her man, who was once declared wanted for alleged fraud, was facing financial challenges. But she would rather the public not run with that narrative.

Instead, she confessed a deep love for Njilo. The only thing is that it has been a big struggle trying to trust him. Yeah, the mother of one states that while she is in love with him, she does not necessarily trust him. That is the state of her marriage right now.

She is close to deciding what happens next – whether to move on or stick around to see if she might end up trusting him.

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